Lubricant or lubes what work best for you? In this article we explore the many lubricants that help relationships providing pleasure and intimacy to all the participants.

The presence of a physical barrier can markedly influence one’s perception of sex and your experience. Among the challenges frequently encountered, vaginal dryness stands out—an issue often skirted in discussions, yet one that can lead to discomfort during sex and dampen your overall enjoyment.

Thankfully, a simple solution exists in the form of lubricant. These lubes facilitate a smoother, less painful experience and rekindle the delight in your romantic and sexual wellness journey.

However, determining the ideal lubricant for your needs and understanding their specific functions can be a bit perplexing. So, let’s delve into the available choices.

Water-Based Lube

Offering remarkable versatility, water-based lubes prove to be fitting for a multitude of situations. They come with the added benefit of compatibility with silicone toys and condoms, thus accommodating a broad spectrum of preferences. What sets these lubes apart is their tendency to leave minimal stains on bedding, their gentle impact on the skin, and the ease with which they can be washed off.

A standout among them is the YES Organic Water Based Personal Lubricant, highly regarded for its certified organic formulation, exceptional moisturising properties, velvety texture, and hypoallergenic characteristics. Notably, it holds NHS approval, making it an excellent choice, especially for those new to using lubricants. Another brand we would recommend is ID Free Hypoallergenic Waterbased Lubricant, sensitive, gentle and long lasting.


Silicone Lubricant

For individuals with delicate skin, silicone lubricants provide a practical substitute. Astroglide X Premium and ID Velvet is a good named brand, these lubes deliver a smooth texture and possess hypoallergenic properties, thereby reducing the chances of allergic responses. An added advantage often noted is the prolonged effect of silicone lubes, which reduces the necessity for frequent reapplication. However, exercise caution when using them in conjunction with silicone-based sex toys, as the toys may experience degradation.

Although silicone lubricant is compatible with condoms, it’s important to note that it doesn’t rinse away as effortlessly as water-based alternatives.


Oil-Based Lubricant

Supplying long-lasting lubrication, oil-based lubricants prove to be excellent for massages and are even suitable for use in the shower owing to their resistance to getting washed away. Nonetheless, it’s crucial to note their incompatibility with latex condoms, as they have the potential to compromise the integrity of the material.

Me You Us Natural Warming Massage Oil is a well produced carefully designed blend featuring premium ingredients devoid of harsh chemicals.


Organic Lubricant

When it comes to intimate products, concerns about the ingredients they contain often come to the forefront. Organic lubricants have emerged as a remedy, prioritising skin-friendly elements such as aloe vera while upholding their effectiveness.

The YES Water Based & Plant-oil Based Natural Lubricant Intro Pack showcases certified organic natural lubricants, harnessing the power of enriching oils and butters to provide both assurance and comfort.


Lubricants for Menopause

Vaginal dryness often becomes a notable issue during menopause, primarily attributed to the decline in estrogen levels which can lead to the thinning of vaginal tissues.

Tailored solutions like Astroglide offer a soft and smooth water-based lubrication, enriched with ingredients like shea butter, cocoa butter, and chamomile extracts. Prioritising fragrance-free and gentle components becomes essential for sustaining vaginal health while ensuring ease of use.

In summary, intimate dryness doesn’t have to hinder your sexual experience. There exists a diverse array of products tailored to various requirements, ensuring that you can discover an appropriate remedy. Intimate dryness is a common concern for many, and it’s a topic that should not elicit any feelings of embarrassment. With a multitude of product choices at your disposal, you can even venture into flavoured, tingling, or warming lubricants to introduce an added layer of excitement to your encounters. Always keep in mind that, within the realm of sexual pleasure, a touch of extra moisture can truly transform the experience!

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