Intimate Earth Embrace Vaginal Tightening Pleasure Gel 30ml


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Discover our Tightening Pleasure Gel, created with a fusion of certified organic extracts and natural capsicum. This innovative blend creates a heightened sensation of tightness and warmth, enriching the experience for both partners.

Recognizing the changes the vagina undergoes after childbirth, Intimate Organics presents EMBRACE Vaginal Tightening Pleasure Gel. Our unique formula, comprising certified organic extracts, natural capsicum, sunflower oil, and almond oil, triggers a temporary contraction of vaginal tissue. This remarkable effect intensifies the connection between partners, allowing them to fully savor every moment of penetration.

In contrast to alternative tightening gels that utilize alum, which can dehydrate vaginal tissue, EMBRACE stands apart. Our formula is alum-free, ensuring a more natural and comfortable approach to enhancing pleasure and intimacy.

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