Big Man Cleanser Black


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Enhance your intimate satisfaction with the user-friendly Big Man Cleanser. This cleaning system is expertly crafted to ensure optimal intimate hygiene, catering to both beginners and those with experience. The cleaner boasts a soft, pliable, and hygienically superior design that aligns perfectly with comfortable and precise application for effortless cleansing.

The douche showcases a sensuously swirled, spiral-probe attachment that enhances insertion pleasure and heightens sensitivity. The generously sized bulb, which is easy to squeeze, can hold up to 14 Fl. oz. (420ml) of your preferred cleansing liquid and can be conveniently refilled. For maintenance, simply disassemble the cleaner by untwisting and removing the spiral attachment, and then clean it using mild soapy water.

Using the Big Man Cleanser is straightforward. Fill the bulb with your chosen cleansing fluid, and attach the probe tip. Gently insert the probe into the anal passage, and then give the flexible bulb a squeeze to release a revitalizing and purifying stream of fluid.

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