Doc Johnson Intimate Enhancements Reverse Tightening Gel For Women


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Turn back the clock and rediscover your youthful self with Doc Johnson Reverse Tightening Gel For Women!

This easy-to-use yet highly effective gel is specially designed to hydrate the inner walls of the vagina while providing a tightening sensation, ultimately enhancing intimacy and pleasure for both you and your partner.

Start with a pea-sized drop and gradually adjust according to your comfort level. Experience the rejuvenating effects and embrace a newfound sense of satisfaction with this remarkable tightening gel.
Easily washed off with water.

Restores, Rejuvenates And Reverses
Hydrates the Vaginal Walls
Tones And Temporarily Tightens
Formulated With Ginger, Cocoa, Cinnamon And Pepper
Free From Sugar, Parabens And Glycerin
PETA Certified
Proudly Made In America

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